Yoga Tour in Namibia

Combine yoga and wellness with a feeling of endless freedom in the soul of Africa, Namibia



Join us as we embark on this truly unique tour; one where the spiritual practice of yoga and the natural beauty of Namibia unite to take you on a journey of emotional and spiritual self-discovery, physical and mental vitality and an awakening of the senses like no other. Namibia is a real African wonderland, one that possesses all the beauty required to make this experience the most enriching and eye-opening one yet. This captivating place has the many incredible natural wonders that are just waiting to be explored. An experienced yoga instructor as well a massage therapist from our partner, YogaZone, will be accompanying for six-days of our Namibian excursion, thus ensuring a comprehensive yoga experience for participants of all skill-levels. The seemingly infinite deserts of Namibia are among the most rewarding destinations in Southern Africa. The spectacularly rugged landscape and the mighty red sand dunes of the Namib Desert provide a picturesque backdrop for this incredible adventure.The people of Namibia are welcoming and kind. Namibians have a rich cultural heritage and, while on this tour, you will come face-to-face with many of the local cultures, histories and religions. While on this 13-day journey, your English-speaking tour guide will share with you his knowledge of this multi-faceted country and, in turn, will instil within you a deep appreciation of this magnificent place and its diverse inhabitants.

Tour Highlights

Map of Yoga tour in Namibia route
Map of Yoga tour in Namibia route
  • Six morning yoga and meditation sessions (including manual adjustments during the lesson by the therapist)
  • Six evening yoga and savasana/yoga nidra sessions (including manual adjustments during the lesson by the therapist)
  • Six individual massage therapy sessions
  • Observe animals in abundance at the world-famous Etosha National Park
  • Walk in the footsteps of the San Bushmen- Take a trip to the red dunes of the Namib Desert
  • Explore a wine farm in the desert
  • Journey to the city of Swakopmund, home to sandy beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean

… and much more!!!


Day 1, Saturday: Departure en route to Namibia

Today, your journey will begin with a long-haul flight to Windhoek, Namibia.


Day  2, Sunday:Welcome to Windhoek!

Today, you will officially arrive in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia! Here, you will be welcomed by your English-speaking tour guide before embarking on a short drive to a beautiful game farm, located a few kilometres from the city. A game drive in open, safari vehicles will be our very first adventure this afternoon and you may just be lucky enough to see antelope as well as other species of animals roaming about in their natural habitat. This evening will be spent enjoying a "welcome to Namibia" dinner at the Lodge's very own restaurant. 78 km / D


Day 3, Monday: The Waterberg Plateau

We will start this day with a three-hour drive to the north headed towards the famous Waterberg Plateau, home to an impressive table mountain with heights reaching up to 200 metres from the plain. In the afternoon, we will go on a short hike to the plateau where, from the top, we will have an incredible view of the surroundings. On this two-and-a-half-hour hike, we will reach a height of approximately 150 metres, an altitude that is comfortably overcome. This excursion may be shortened if so desired, however. Thereafter, we will have dinner at the park’s restaurant before spending the night in the charming bungalows situated at the foot of the plateau. 259 km / B, D


Day 4, Tuesday: The Etosha National Park

After breakfast this morning, we will head northwest to the entrance of the world-famous Etosha National Park.While on our way, we will make a pit-stop at the old mining city of Tsumeb where we will visit the Tsumeb Museum. The impressive mining history of the city, the life of the indigenous people and the German colonial history of Namibia are brought to life here thanks to the museum’s well-preserved relics. We will make one more pit-stop at the beautiful Otjikoto Lake before arriving at the edge of our primary destination for today, the world-famous Etosha National Park. It is here, at a stunning lodge at the edge of the park, where we will be checking in for the night. 470 km / B, D


Day 5,Wednesday:  The Etosha Pan

Today is dedicated to the famous Etosha National Park. The park is a 22,275 km² nature reserve high in the north of Namibia and it is the country's most prominent national park. It is located on the north-western edge of the Kalahari Basin and covers virtually the entire 5,000 km² Etosha Pan. The name "Etosha" comes from the Oshiwambo dialect and means "Great White Place". The Etosha National Park is home to a wide variety of animals: you can find almost all of the large animal species of Southern Africa here (barring crocodiles, hippos, waterbuck and buffalo). We will go on an exhilarating game drive before settling in for the night at a lodge right in the middle of the park. This lodge has a large pool where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool Namibian water, as well as the added bonus of an illuminated waterhole which increases the likelihood of witnessing animals that may be roaming around during the night! B, D


Day 6, Thursday: Twyfelfontein

The grandiose surroundings of the Etosha National Park are where we will be focusing our attention this morning. After breakfast this truly scenic location,we will depart from our lodge and drive southwest on a game drive where we may just encounter many of the 114 mammal species, 340 bird species, 110 reptile species and 16 amphibian species that live here. We will then leave the park at midday via Anderson Gate and make our way past the city of Outjo in the direction of Twyfelfontein. Here, built on large granite cliffs, we will arrive at the lodge where we will be spending this evening. The lodge provides blissful solitude, peaceful bathes in the pool and mesmerising scenery that only dreams are made of. 411 km / B, D


Day 7, Friday: Over the Skeleton Coast to Swakopmund

This morning, after breakfast, we will visit the famous World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein. This area is home to thousands of the oldest rock paintings and rock engravings in Africa, having originated in the Middle and Neolithic ages. This exciting guided tour will bring us as close as possible to both the lives, the history and the art of the Bushmen. In the early afternoon, we will set off once again and head west to the South Atlantic coast where we will pay a visit to the Cape Cross. The Cape Cross was discovered in 1486 by the Portuguese explorer, Diogo Cão, the first European to arrive at this part of Africa. While on this expedition, we will also visit a famous seal colony where between 80,000 and 100,000 miniature fur seals, also known as eared seals, cavort on the rocks – which is not only an extraordinary sight for the visitors, but likewise produces extreme excitement from the seals! The next leg of our day-7 journey will lead us to Swakopmund, a coastal city located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. In a guesthouse situated on the outskirts of Swakopmund, we will be warmly welcomed for the following three nights. 329 km / B


Day 8 /9, Saturday & Sunday: Relaxation in Swakopmund and Yoga on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean

During the two days that we will be spending in Swakpmund, you will participate in yoga lessons (including meditation and yoga nidra) in the mornings and the evenings, right on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean! You will also be the recipients of physical relaxation at its absolute finest: in the form of massages provided to you by our experienced massage therapist. This, coupled with the gentle adjustments performed during the yoga sessions, will revitalise you from within. We encourage you to partake in other leisurely excursions over these two days as well, to experience the joys of this beautiful place to its fullest. We will assist you in booking any additional trips you would like to engage in, for example, a Mola Mola cruise to the seal colony at Walvis Bay, an exciting quad bike ride over the incredible Namib dunes or an unforgettable flight over the Namib Desert, a panoramic view you will never forget. However, if your preferred form of relaxation is the kind that comes from a little retail therapy, you will not be disappointed by what this country has to offer. The German influence on this city is unmistakable, in fact, it is still regarded as the “German speaking” city of Namibia, a quality which is rather fascinating since only about 5% of the Swakopmund population are of German descent. However, the city has Incorporated some of its own indigenous flare by the remaining a number of the originally German names streets to names that represent African predominance. Swakopmund is a small city and is home to only around 44,000 inhabitants. As a result, the city centre has a relatively calm yet equally exciting atmosphere with its very own unique sights and sounds. Here, at the mouth of the Atlantic, you will find true bliss and complete relaxation. 0 km / B

Day 10, Monday: Trough the rock desert to the oldest sandy desert in the world

In the morning, after our yoga class, we will head east through the rock desert of the Namib. We will cross two passes, namely the Gaub Pass and the Kuiseb Pass, before arriving at the southern tropic of Capricorn. In the afternoon, we will reach the beautiful lodge situated nearby the entrance of the Namib-Naukluft National Park, where we will be staying for next three nights. 344 km / B, D


Day 11 /12, Tuesday and Wednesday: Yoga in the endless Namib-Naukluft desert

Our first morning in the desert will be an early one, but this will be well worth it. We will make our way towards the desert dunes and watch the sunrise as it casts a striking display of shadows on the majestic Namib dunes. The Namib extends about 2,000km from north to south and reaches heights of up to 325m. The Namib is roughly 80 million years old, making it the oldest desert in the world, and is one of the planet's most uninhabited places. The plants and animals of this region have had to evolve in order to withstand the extreme temperatures that result in decades of drought and frequent sandstorms, among other difficult living conditions. At sunrise, we will visit the famous “dune 45”, the height of which reaches 140m, where we will welcome the sun with a relaxing yoga class. At the end of the paved road, we will embark on a four-wheel drive followed by a short hike to the so-called Dead Vlei where the barren Camel Thorn Trees form a phenomenal backdrop, making the photographs that are taken here truly mind-blowing. We will take a walk past the mighty sand dunes and visit the salt and clay pan of Sossusvlei. In the afternoon, we will visit the Tsaucha, an ephemeral river that is roughly 100km long, where we will go for a short walk down into the small settlement known as the Sesriem Canyon.The untouched natural wonder of the Namib Desert provides an environment that is exceptionally conducive for a total rejuvenation of both body and mind. As we spread out our yoga mats, the beauty of our surroundings will guide us on our journey to complete and total relaxation; this state of calm will be accentuated by luxurious massages, again provided to you by our experienced massage therapist. 242 km / B, D


Day 13, Thursday: A wine farm on the way to Windhoek

After a hearty breakfast, we will take a trip to an exquisite wine farm located on the edge of the Namib Naukluft Mountains! In 1996, the second winery in this very dry region, one that sports its very own cultivating area, was established. The entire wine growing district of Namibia extends over a commercial vineyard of only around 12 ha, making it one of the smallest independent wine-growing regions on earth. Shiraz, Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes are harvested here seasonally and have been since 2010, on an area only about 4 ha big and which is located right on the edge of the Namib. Every year, about 3,000 bottles are produced and these wonderfully refreshing wines have even gained international recognition. We will go on an exciting cellar tour where we will be the connoisseurs of these full-flavoured wines. The production process is rather tricky due to the notoriously challenging conditions here, the processes and mechanisms involved in making these wines a reality is something to appreciate, and we will be given the opportunity to do so on this cellar tour. Our adventure doesn’t end here, however. We will set off on yet another quest: we will begin with a drive in the north-easterly direction which will take us back to Windhoek. In the afternoon, we will arrive at our stylish guest house which is situated near the city centre, from where we will go on a short Guided City Tour through Windhoek. This tour will give us a closer look at the dynamic sights and sounds of this capital city. Windhoek has only 320,000 inhabitants and is thus relatively small for a capital city. This moderately quiet city is the perfect locale to be able to really absorb and process all of the experiences we had while on this awesome journey. Our farewell dinner this evening will afford us with the opportunity to let this truly unique journey through Namibia sink into our consciousness, and our memories, forever. 244 km / B, D


Day 14, Friday: Say goodbye to Namibia

This will be our very last morning in Namibia. We will enjoy a wholesome breakfast, whereafter we will pack our bags and bid farewell to this incredibly special country. The Hosea Kutako International Airport is where this incredible journey comes to an end, and where our trip home begins. 40 km / B


Day 15, Saturday: Welcome home


Arrive at home. 

Prices and Dates

Dates and Prices:

14.09. - 28.09.2019 from EUR 3 895,00*per person in a double room

EUR 365,00 Single Supplement


19.09. - 03.10.2020 from EUR 4 195,00* per person in a double room

EUR 390,00 Single Supplement


02.10. - 16.10.2020 from EUR 4 195,00* per person in a double room

EUR 390,00 Single Supplement 


5 % early bird discount will apply if the booking is made before 31.05.2019!!



* This offer is valid for a group of 10-20 participants 

* The minimum number of participants is to be confirmed no later than 30 days prior to departure (see Terms and Conditions)

* The travel price excludes general increases in transport costs and currency fluctuations. 

* Prices are subject to the availability of selected accommodation

* We reserve the right to amend the travel programme on short notice. 


Included in tour price:


  • A local, qualified, English-speaking tour guide will be accompanying you from Hosea Kutako International Airport at Windhoek on day 2 of this trip, right through to departure from the same airport on day 14
  • Six yoga and meditation sessions (including manual adjustments by the therapist during the lesson), which will take place from day 8 to day 13
  • Six yoga and savasana/yoga nidra sessions (including manual adjustments by the therapist during the lesson), which will take place from Day 8 to Day 13
  • Six days of individual massage therapy, which will take place from day 8 to day 13
  • 12 nights in carefully selected, and incredibly beautiful accommodation, mostly in the four-star area
  • Meals as advertised, excluding drinks (B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner)
  • A modern, local, airconditioned minibus will be the mode of transportation throughout the duration of the tour programme.
  • All entrances, activities and parking fees as indicated (excluding optional programmes and activities) 
  • Drinking water is supplied during bus rides 
  • EUR5.00 per person will be donated in support of Penguinkidz Pre School which is situation in Betty's Bay, South Africa 
  • Luggage transportation 


Excluded from travel price:

  • International flights to and from Windhoek, Namibia
  • Optional activities and additional services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Drinks, gratuities and personal expenses


We are happy to provide you with an additional offer for the required international flights! 


Planned accommodation*:

Okapuka Ranch, near Windhoek

Namibia Wildlife Resort - Waterberg

Mokuti Lodge, near Etosha National Park

Halali, Etosha National Park

Twyfelfontein Lodge

The Stiltz, Swakopmund

Namib Desert Lodge


Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel, Windhoek